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Best Pill Dispenser Ever

The Livi has been a game changer. My wife takes more than 15 meds. She has arthritis. So even getting med bottles open was a painful challenge. As others mention, there is a steep learning curve in container assembly. It took me hours. But now, if there is a container change, it only takes minutes. You will definitely get the hang of it. Here's what I can offer in the way of advice. Arrange your pills/containers so that the smallest pills are in front, and the larger pills are in back. Why? Because gravity. I found that small pills didn't always make it from the back containers, down the chute, and into the cup. And was having to occasionally tip the Livi forward to get the pills out of the chute. When I arranged the pills from smallest to largest, with smallest in front, and largest in back, that fully fixed that issue. I also put a book under the back of the Livi, to help the pills make it to the cup. I know this sounds like a hokey hack, but it works. And the Livi is well worth these hacks. My guess is, you won't see the Livi available via Amazon again. I bought ours directly from PharmRight. And that's where you'll want to buy yours too. Lastly, about PharmRight's support. It is fantastic. They care, are available, are quick to respond, and quick to fix any issue. I'm not sure what more you could ask.

March 13, 2019
Made my life so much easier when caring for a mom with mild dementia

Let me start by saying the customer support for getting the dispenser up and running was fabulous. It took a little time at first to fine tune each med but it was well worth it because I no longer have to load the weekly pill packs for mom. I used to worry about whether she took her meds and there were times where she got confused and took her morning meds twice. Now I'm certain that she's dispensing her meds as directed and there is no chance for error. I love that she lives 50 minutes away but I know she's ok when I see on my phone that she dispensed her meds. She didn't want to spend the money for Livi at first and now she asked me to purchase the unit instead of paying the monthly fee because it makes taking her medications extremely stress free! Highly recommend especially if you have aging parents that you care for.

November 21, 2018
Everyone with Alzheimers should use this dispenser!

When you find a product that you love, you want the whole world to know how amazing it is. Livi is one of those things. I am a nurse in the ICU and a caregiver to my mother, who has Alzheimers. When someone you love has Alzheimers, you want to do everything in your power to keep them safe. That is always my priority - keep mom safe. Remembering to take pills and staying consistent is difficult with memory problems. Depending on the pills, taking them wrong can make these problems worse. I used weekly pill organizers for a long time, and they worked ok, but I would look at the end of the week and about once a week she would miss a night dose. This was increasing in frequency, so I looked into other options. I had bought a round pill dispenser that locks and rotates and has timer with alarms and lights. $100 and 2 days later it was broke. There was a delicate balance between my mother wanting to control her meds and my controlling the meds. Then i found Livi. I wish I knew this 2 years ago. She regained control of her meds because she chose to push the button. I had peace of mind. If she didn't take them, Livi would tell me. If she unplugged Livi, turned her off, tried to remove the locked top...Livi would tell me. Livi informed me of anything I wanted to know and once established I stopped a lot of the alerts. My mother stopped missing doses almost immediately. Livi was in her sight when sitting on her recliner, so most of the time when she saw the light she immediately took them. Tomorrow my mother will be going into memory care. Keeping her safe. If your loved one has early stage Alzheimers, you want to keep their independence for as long as you can. This is the med dispenser for you - my only regret is not starting it earlier.

November 17, 2018