Reviews from our Customers

Livi took the pressure off me

I have had the pleasure of operating two Livi's in our family, They took the pressure off of me, I was alerted when they took their medications when they missed taking their medication and alerted when the the pill containers were low and need to be refilled ( no pill trays that took me an hour to fill every month, in most cases (depending on the size of the pills), just dump a 90 day supply in the pill container and you were done). Our caregiver loved the Livi, she was alerted at the time pills were to be dispensed and all she had to do was push the button, the right pills were dispensed for Am or Pm. As with all mechanical devices there are times they decide they don't want to work as designed. When I had a problem, the livi staff was right there to help me.

Joe Willer
September 15, 2019
An Absolute Lifesaver

We rented the Livi for two years when Mom could no longer manage her pills. It was an absolute life saver for us! The machine takes the worry out of wondering if she was taking the right pills, at the right time, and would not allow her to take too many or get off schedule. It also kept us in the loop with text massages when pills were due, when she dispensed, and when it needed refilling. Absolutely wonderful! This is the most responsive company I have ever worked with. If we had a Livi question or needed addition canister parts, they would respond immediately with answers and air mail what ever we needed. The most incredible customer service I have ever experienced! No question, this is a 5.0 out of 5.0 company!

ChuckGeorgia Walter
June 23, 2019
Best Pill Dispenser Ever

The Livi has been a game changer. My wife takes more than 15 meds. She has arthritis. So even getting med bottles open was a painful challenge. As others mention, there is a steep learning curve in container assembly. It took me hours. But now, if there is a container change, it only takes minutes. You will definitely get the hang of it. Here's what I can offer in the way of advice. Arrange your pills/containers so that the smallest pills are in front, and the larger pills are in back. Why? Because gravity. I found that small pills didn't always make it from the back containers, down the chute, and into the cup. And was having to occasionally tip the Livi forward to get the pills out of the chute. When I arranged the pills from smallest to largest, with smallest in front, and largest in back, that fully fixed that issue. I also put a book under the back of the Livi, to help the pills make it to the cup. I know this sounds like a hokey hack, but it works. And the Livi is well worth these hacks. My guess is, you won't see the Livi available via Amazon again. I bought ours directly from PharmRight. And that's where you'll want to buy yours too. Lastly, about PharmRight's support. It is fantastic. They care, are available, are quick to respond, and quick to fix any issue. I'm not sure what more you could ask.

March 13, 2019