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This Month in Family Caregiver News: The Costs of Medication Mismanagement

March 22, 2019
The Livi Team
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Family members who care for an aging loved one can often feel isolated or alone. A caregiving role is an exhausting one, and feelings of anxiety, sadness, and even shame can creep in quickly, keeping family caregivers from sharing their struggles or asking for help. Fortunately, caregivers can find information and encouragement on the internet.

Here are a few articles from this month that could provide you with tools, resources, and feelings of support.

Costs of Medication Mismanagement

Most seniors over the age of 65 take more than one medication, and it doesn’t take long for a daily medication schedule to become overwhelming. Dive into why it is challenging for seniors to maintain a correct medication management system, and learn about what it can cost in the long term if a mistake happens.

Stress and Dementia

December is a stressful season for nearly everyone, which makes this A Place For Mom article especially timely. Learn more about the damage stress can cause if it is not resolved through healthy coping skills. Further, learn about research that potentially links unresolved stress to Alzheimer’s disease, and how to adopt healthy coping skills for yourself and those you love.

Staying Safe on the Road

Most family caregivers spend a considerable amount of time in their cars, running loved ones to doctor appointments, commuting to their “day jobs,” and keeping up with extracurricular activities for the kids or grandkids. If you live in a state where snow and ice make road conditions especially dangerous, take a look at this AARP article about what to pack in your car’s emergency winter kit. You may learn something new that can keep you and your passengers safe in case of a vehicle emergency.

A Personal Account

Take time to read a personal account of Alzheimer’s disease through the eyes of actress and daughter, Rita Wilson, on this recent Alzheimer’s Association blog post. It can be encouraging to hear that someone is going through similar experiences to the ones you may be walking through now.

Gifts for Caregivers

December may be the month most associated with gift giving, but caregivers like you deserve well-thought-out presents, no matter the time of year! Check out a great list from The Caregiver Space that offers suggestions focused around self-care. If one seems like the perfect fit for your situation, don’t wait for someone to buy it for you. Splurge on yourself and commit to a few moments of relaxation or recreation. You deserve it!

How to Stay Safe and Independent

Did you know that one of the most dangerous rooms in a senior’s home is the bathroom? Between slick surfaces and walls without safe places to hold on, the bathroom can make for the perfect environment for slips, falls, breaks, and ER visits. Learn how to make your loved one’s bathroom a bit safer with tips from this post at Daily Caring. You can learn some key modifications that could decrease the chance of falls and increase independence. Even better, you will gain some peace of mind that your loved one has the tools they need in the bathroom space.

Keeping Your Loved One Safe

Medication errors can be especially catastrophic for seniors, but how can you anticipate such an emergency? Learn more about how to keep your eyes peeled for potential red flags during your next visit with your loved one. This article from Livi tells you what to look for and offers solutions that will keep your loved one safer at home.

When you turn to the internet for information or support, be sure you are reading articles that are reliable. You can find not only great information online, but also the support you need to stay healthy.